Welcome to Alei Tzion

A Modern Orthodox Religious Zionist Kehilla

  • A young and vibrant congregation
  • Daily Shacharit, Mincha and Maariv services
  • Complete Shabbat services, including 2 children's services
  • A dynamic spiritual leader in Rabbi Daniel Roselaar and his wife Naamah


Date Title Author
26/10/2017 Kiddush and Eating Mezonot
24/10/2017 The Bracha on Candle Lighting
23/10/2017 Shabbat Candles and Electric Lights
21/10/2017 Kavod and Oneg
27/09/2017 Simcha and Sukkot
19/09/2017 Shabbat Shuva Shiur - Marit Ha'Ayin
12/09/2017 Connecting with Yom Kippur
04/09/2017 Themes of Rosh Hashana
04/04/2017 Ideas to Share at the Sedar
28/09/2016 Themes of Sukkot
21/09/2016 Themes of Yom Kippur
13/09/2016 Themes of Rosh Hashanah
06/01/2016 Discovering the Commentators
22/10/2015 Shabbat UK Shiur Rabbi Daniel Roselaar
27/01/2015 Rav B Uziel Rabbi Daniel Roselaar
20/01/2015 Rav Y I Herzog Rabbi Daniel Roselaar
13/01/2015 Rav A Y Kook Rabbi Daniel Roselaar
03/02/2015 Minchat Shlomo Rabbi Daniel Roselaar
09/12/2014 Minchat Yitzchak Rabbi Daniel Roselaar
02/12/2014 Iggrot Moshe Rabbi Daniel Roselaar
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