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Degel Rosh Hashana 5770
Volume 2 - Issue 1
Date: 01/09/2009
Abstract: Degel Rosh Hashana 5770


Notes from the Editor
Ben Elton

What happened to Adam after he left the Garden of Eden
adam ross

'All those who say Shlomo sinned are mistaken': Of rabbis and revisionism
Daniel Youngerwood

The trial of the Akeida: Does God always keep His promises?
MD Spitzer

Hatsi shiur assur min hatorah
Josh Samad

Vegetarianism and animal rights in Judaism
Alex Hamilton

Divine Providence in medieval and contemporary Jewish thought
Joseph Faith

Maharat: A new role for women?
Rachel Stafler

Letters to the Editor

  1. Degel Rosh Hashana 5770 (3.5 Mb)
  • Degel Rosh Hashana 5770