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Degel Nissan 5770
Volume 2 - Issue 2
Date: 18/07/2010
Abstract: Degel Nissan 5770


Notes from the editor
Ben Elton

The prohibition of בל תוסיף
Simon Levy

Angels, Aramaic and the language of prayer
Meir Chaim Shelton

The Rambam’s view of learning from wicked teachers
Joseph Sueke

'Traditioning' and 'contemporisation' in defences of Yom Tov Sheni shel galuyot
Ben Elton

'Along an open road': Torah perspectives on dis/abled relations in the Jewish community
Jessica Sacks

The ending of the berakha of Hashkivenu on Yom Ha'atsmaut and Yom Yerushalayim
Rabbi Shlomo Goren , translated by Rabbi Ilan Goldman

Neoconservatism's Jewish forebears: How McCarthyism transformed the New York Intellectuals
Ben Tankel

Letter to the Editor

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  • Degel Nissan 5770